Are you a Broker or Trucking Company?

No - We are not affiliated with any Freight Brokerage Company.  We do not own or operate any trucks, this gives us the freedom to concentrate on the Owner Operators we serve without any conflict of interest in locating loads.  As an Owner Operator, you will always have the right to turn down any freight that you do not fell comfortable hauling.

I Can Find My Own Loads, Why Should I Use QDS?

Yes, you can find your own loads, but if you are wasting time searching truck load boards instead of moving freight you are losing money!  Example: Let us say that you see a load on a truck load board, first you must be the "first" caller to win the load, run your credit check on the broker or shipper, fill out the packet, contact your insurance agency and have them submit your COI, wait on your rate confirmation, submit your paperwork to your factoring company for payment - Quality Dispatching Services does it all for a very low percentage of the load!

Is There any Conflict of Interest in Finding Freight for Me?

ABSOLUTELY NOT - Each Owner Operator is assigned to an individual who in fact operates independently as a  "bona-fide-agent" for each Owner Operator.  

NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE IN THE USA, Quality Dispatching Services will work with you by locating and booking the best paying loads available in order to keep your revenue stream as high as possible.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

NO - Together we establish a "Gentleman's Agreement" which will state the services provided and the percentage of each load that will be paid to Quality Dispatching Services.  You have right to "opt out" of our services at any time, our only request is that you remit payment on any outstanding invoices on loads we booked for you.

How Do I Get Paid By QDS?

Quality Dispatching Services does not handle funds nor broker freight.  You will be paid directly by the Shipper or Broker.  Should you elect to use a Factoring Service, they will contract with you to establish a payment system.  It is extremely easy to get set up with a Factoring Service, your credit rating is rarely questioned during the set up process.  If you desire, QDS can assist you with setting up with a reputable Factoring Service.

QDS was Created with the Owner Operator in Mind

What if I don't have my MC Authority?

No problem what-so-ever!  If you don't have your MC Authority, Quality Dispatching Services can place you with a Carrier that concentrates on giving new trucking companies the opportunity to start rolling ASAP.  Simply fill out the Contact Information form then we will call to discuss this money making opportunity with you!

Quality Dispatching Services is just that; A service created to help Owner Operators find the best paying loads available within the parameters established by the Owner Operator.  Many Owner Operators have come to us nearly "Flat Broke" looking for a way to support their family - we do everything within our power to help get Owner Operators back on their feet and making money.